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The Mac-A Chanter: a Collaboration of Craftsmanship

We’re getting ready to introduce the Mac-A Chanter from Melvin Reeds and TK MacLellan & Co. Bagpipe Makers! This innovative pipe chanter design and reed combination are meticulously crafted for the North American climate, blending the expertise of a master bagpipe maker with a seasoned reed maker and world Pipe Band champion.

Say goodbye to tuning challenges in hot weather! The Mac-A chanter is tuned at 480/481 Hz, ensuring stability around 484/485 Hz even on scorching days, while delivering a robust, full-bodied tone.

Key features include:

  • Minimal Tape Required: Reduced need for tape on the top hand notes.

  • Unique High A: Adds a soft sizzle for distinctive character compared to traditional high-pitched chanters.

  • Versatile High G: Provides a solid pibroch high G for exceptional adaptability.

  • Modified Reed Seat: Enhances stability and sound quality.

  • Enhanced Hole Design: Carefully optimized spacing and size of holes for precise tuning and consistent tonality.

  • Innovative Material: Crafted from a new material akin to the sought-after sound and stability of 1980s polymer pipe chanters.

Get ready to experience a comfortable, resonant bagpipe sound even under the North American sun. Just as the sun sets in Scotland, its light continues to shine across North America. Stay tuned for more on the Mac-A Chanter from Adrian Melvin and Roddy MacLellan.

A number of bands and soloists are playing the chanter presently; we'll soon share videos, sound files (Piob Hg), and photos featuring chanters with our signature blue band chanter reed.

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