Elevation Chanter Reed

Elevation Chanter Reed


Adrian Melvin worked in partnership with Roddy MacLellan to develop a chanter reed to work specifically in the MacLellan Elevation pipe chanter.


The reed has a brass formed staple.


The combined Elevation MnM design provides a lower pitch, with a thicker top hand -- and is more resistant to drier conditions.


* Please note there is a 4 REED MINIMUM when ordering chanter reeds directly from the maker.  If you need to purchase less than 4 reeds, please visit one of our partners:


** Please note that you are ordering directly from the manufacturer and our current production time is 4-5 weeks from order date to ship date. If your order is urgent please contact us directly or get in touch with your local retailer.

  • MacLellan Chanter Specifications

    Newly designed for North American Pipe Bands. Pitched ~478Hz, with rich harmonics and strong, clear projection. Available with round or oval holes - with or without a threaded reedseat.